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Spectrum Brands 20/20

Spectrum Brands is heading into a new era that we refer to as Spectrum Brands 20/20, which is our vision for the future: clear, crisp and in sharp focus. We’re prioritizing our resources and taking advantage of exciting opportunities to build an even stronger future for our consumers, customers and shareholders. We have a sharper focus than ever on our core purpose of delivering great products and exceptional service.

Spectrum Brands 20/20

We’re excited to have leaders at all levels driving the Spectrum Brands 20/20 strategy focused on delivering strong brands, exciting innovation and being a low-cost provider to consumers around the world.

As we look forward to the year 2020 and beyond, we are shaping our teams to support our strategy and to ensure we are successful in moving Spectrum Brands into an even brighter future.

Our Culture

Our culture focuses on four elements: Speak Up, Be Accountable, Take Action and Grow Talent. We’re building a culture that we love, made up of the right people – a diverse group of people whose varied backgrounds, education, communication style and experiences all coalesce around four common themes:

  • Speak Up: We face difficult issues head on and support others to do the same.
  • Be Accountable: We follow through on our commitments, act with a clear sense of ownership and take responsibility for results.
  • Take Action: We identify and seize new opportunities, and don’t let unnecessary planning bog us down.
  • Grow Talent: We develop ourselves and others through coaching, feedback, exposure and stretch assignments.

You can expect our leaders to inspire, empower, and encourage you as they apply servant leadership as our management philosophy.